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Mafia III Review

Platforms: Xbox One (Reviewed) | PS4 | PC | Mac Developer: Hangar 13 | 2K Czech Publisher: 2K Games Mafia III’s a …


Xbox One S – initial thoughts

Right from the get go I disliked the Xbox One’s physical presence, it’s bulky, heavy, and awkward, which isn’t really a recipe …

Dead Rising 3 3

Dead Rising 3 Review

Platforms: Xbox One (Reviewed) | PC Developer: Capcom Vancouver Publisher: Microsoft (Xbox One) | Capcom (PC) When the Xbox One first came …

Alien Isolation 3

Alien Isolation Review

Platforms: Xbox One (Reviewed) | Xbox 360 | ¬†Playstation 4 | Playstation 3 | PC | Mac Developer: Creative Assembly Publisher: Sega …

Arkham Knight 2

Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Platforms: Xbox One (reviewed) | Playstation 4 | PC | Mac Developer: Rocksteady Studios Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment I’ve been playing …