Rocky Balboa Review

Rocky Balboa

After watching a simulated fight in which he wins against the present day heavyweight champion, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) decides it’s time to get in the ring once more for one last shot at the title. The present day champion, Mason Dixon, is convinced by his money-grabbing manager that a fight should be arranged . . . and surprisingly, it is!

This is the sixth instalment in the seemingly endless Rocky series, and the acting is much better overall than its predecessors. The story still revolves around the fights, but Stallone (who also directed the movie) has fleshed out our favourite characters much more successfully than in any of the other films.

Rocky seems to have an endless amount of determination to get back in the ring and fight for the pride and respect that he deserves both within the boxing community and his own family. The fight scenes are, of course, amazing, and feel like genuine fights and let’s not forget the obligatory yet required training montage and iconic theme tune that have become trademarks of the series.

The ending to this outing into the boxing world is far more satisfying than that of Rocky V and really captures the uplifting sense of achievement that was so good in the original.

First published in The Orbital (January 2007)

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