Company Title Type Director Role
Madam Butterfly Ltd. Madam Butterfly 3D 3D Feature Film Julian Napier Production Runner
Fifty Nine Productions The Pub Short Film Joseph Pierce Runner
EPQ Sports On Trial TV Pilot Miles Ross Runner
CC Lab Bestival Links With Rob Da Bank Music TV Kieran Evans Runner
CC Lab DMA Links With Matt Edmondson Awards Show Emile Nawagamuwa Runner
CC Lab Galaxy Chocolate Books With Claudia Winkleman Promo Stuart Watson Runner / Behind The Scenes Camera
HLA The Sun World Cup 2010 Commercials Commercial John Hardwick Runner
Annex Films TKMaxx Conference Videos Promo N/A Researcher
Annex Films Enter Shikari – ‘Thumper’ Music Video Joseph Pierce Runner / Animation Assistant
Annex Films Mail On Sunday Puzzle Book Promo Max Myers Production Runner
Annex Films Gloss Legal Web Commercial Commercial David Baksh Camera Trainee
N/A The Book House Boys – ‘Cold Crazy Eyes’ Music Video Jeremy Elman Runner
Cobra Vision Make Your Mark in Film – ‘My Imprisoned Heart’ Short Film Jessica Evans Runner